The story of Jorginho at Chelsea: From Zero to Hero

What a change one year has made in the life of Italian midfielder Jorginho!

The Italian was the first signing of Maurizio Sarri last year. He was brought in as Sarri’s general and the manager’s never-bench Jorginho policy took its toll on the club.

While Jorginho was playing well and trying to adapt, Sarri refused to change his style and stuck to having Jorginho every time, even on days the midfielder would not be at his best. 

This led to the Stamford Bridge crowd booing and hating the midfielder. An out of favour manager’s favored player is not something every player likes on their CV. 

However, Sarri is now long gone and Frank Lampard, a legend in the Bridge, has come in. Frank has once again shown faith in Jorginho but has also given the midfielder time, support and rest to get him to play at his best. 

This has seen the Stamford Bridge crowd warm up to the midfielder and Jorginho has taken brilliantly to it, lighting up Bridge every week.

He is now the first name on the team sheet and the club vice-captain!

He exclaimed, “I absolutely have noticed that change. That’s why I’m so happy.”

“I’m happy they are seeing me in a different light and they’re seeing the complete player that I am, so actually that’s really cool right now and it’s a really great moment to be playing.

“It’s really rewarding because it’s great to be feeling acknowledged for the work you’re putting in, so I couldn’t be happier with things at the moment.

“It’s just great that I can see the fans looking at who I am, Jorginho the player, and at the same time I’m really happy to look at them and see their reaction and feel their support.”

A lot more to come from him then. What do you think Pensioners?

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