The Man Who Praises No One, Hails Gilmour

Looks like Billy Gilmour performed so well, he made Roy Keane get out of his seat to watch him play.

Impressive? We think so too. Roy Keane is one of the hardest critics to impress and Billy Gilmour was able to catch his eye. Ever since he became a football pundit, he has been notoriously hard to get good words out. 

Gilmour’s stellar performances began with the FA Cup clash against Liverpool and he followed it up with the recent clash with Everton – where he took over the midfield powerfully.

“I thought his performance the other night [against Liverpool] was fantastic,” Keane said on Sky Sports. “I was sitting at home the other night with a cup of tea and a bit of chocolate, and I didn’t have the volume on, and as the game started I literally got out of my seat – which I very rarely do – and I thought, ‘Who is this kid in midfield?’

“There’s certain traits you want from a midfielder; quality on the ball, football intelligence, composure, he had everything.

“It was one of the best performances I’ve seen in a long, long time. The downside for the kid is he needs to back it up, he’s started so well.”

Keane stated that the 16-year old Chelsea starlet looked like ‘a world class player’. With several giants seeking him out already, including Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester City, he looks like he might go on to become one very soon.

“His general play, the way the game started I thought he was like a world class player,” Keane added.

“I thought he was one of their experienced lads, I kept a close eye on his for the rest of the game and everything he done throughout the game had quality written all over it.


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