The Humble Story Of N'Golo Kante

The world knows N’Golo Kante as an exceptionally humble man. Well they are not wrong!

Ever since his Ligue 1 days, N’Golo has been known for some pretty great acts of humility. Here is a snapshot at them!

He used to pick up rubbish in the streets of Paris, France and hence comes from a rooted background of hard work!

He had a late introduction to professional football but never lost his habit of working hard even when things were tough as a youngster.

After joining a top tier English club like Leicester, usually the first things players do is buy cars – however, N’Golo did not buy one since he wanted to run to training. 

He had to end up buying a car and bought a simple Mini Cooper. To this day despite winning leagues, European trophies and World Cups, N’Golo drives the same car. 

He is loved by rival fans of Arsenal which is a rare feat given the hated history between the clubs. 

After winning the World Cup, he had to be forced by his team-mates to life the trophy since he was too shy.

He rejected Chelsea’s offer to be paid through an offshore company which players use to avoid paying taxes. All hail the Kante man! 

Here is an Instagram clip from Chelsea Official as final proof:



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@nglkante helps us create his ultimate fan card and @FranKirby sits in the hot seat for ‘This is your social life’! ? ? Watch #OutOfTheBlue on YouTube now! #CFC #Chelsea

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