The Biggest Difference Between Sarri And Lampard: Matteo Kovacic

Matteo Kovacic explained to us how different Frank Lampard’s coaching method is to that of Maurizio Sarri.

The Italian manager who oversaw Chelsea’s 2018/19 season was never really made to feel welcome at the Stamford Bridge. Much of the reasons can be tied to his early season failures and the club’s desire to pump out immediate success.

It is unclear whether club legend, Lampard will be held to the same standards but the 41-year-old’s impact on this Blues side can already be felt.

“He gives me more freedom and I can take the ball and go forward. I feel good,” Kovacic said. “A good connection with the coach and all the team. I am a Chelsea player now so I feel better about that. Last year was only a loan. I feel better and more confident than last year.

“I am missing some part of my game and I can improve and get better, but I think it will come for sure.”

He added, “He gives us more freedom to play, more creativity. We can change positions. We are aggressive. We are doing well but it is only one month with the coach so we can improve.

“Last season was also a good connection with the coach. It was also a good year last year. The connection is good. The fans love him and so do the players. He is young and he understands us.”

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