Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Christian Pulisic

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Christian Pulisic

Christian Pulisic! The All-American Boy who plays football – and is great at it. He’s one of the few American players to have broken into European football and into the most popular one – Premier League. Being a part of Chelsea for him has definitely been good for him, even if that wasn’t the case from the start. Get ready to know things about Christian Pulisic which you had no idea of!

1. Christian Pulisic Has Played In An English Club Before

Turns out, Chelsea isn’t the first English club he’s played for. When he was 8 years old, the midfielder was part of the youth team for Brackley Town. He lived in Tackley for a year, which allowed him to play for this club. His shift from ‘soccer’ to football happened as a kid itself, and he loved the culture of playing football in Europe!

2. He Hails From The Town Of Hershey’s Chocolates

He was born and lived his years in Hershey, Pennsylvania – which is where Hershey’s Chocolates has its roots. When Pulisic rose to prominence as a footballer, Hershey wasted no time in having him on as an endorser for their brand. And Pulisic wasn’t one to complain either – he loves their chocolates and sweets – and has expressed his love for them many times in media. We love Hershey’s too, Christian!

3. NBA Star LeBron James Is A Fan Of Christian Pulisic

Pulisic is not only famous in Europe, but also back in the USA. NBA legend LeBron James is a big fan of the young football professional and has explicitly showed his admiration in an Instagram post, where he wore Pulisic’s jersey!

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4. Pulisic’s Nickname Is ‘Captain America’

This makes everyone giggle, but he definitely seems to be living up to that name! He’s a rising star in football, across Europe. When he first came to Chelsea, he struggled a bit in coping with English football and a whole new country. However, in October, he finally saw through and scored a hat-trick in a match against Burnley which amazed everyone!

5. Christian Pulisic Is The Youngest Foreigner To Score In Bundesliga

At only 17 years of age, Pulisic scored a goal in a match against Hamburg – and was crowned as the youngest foreigner to score a goal in the Bundesliga. Impressive!

6. He’s Worth 10 Million Dollars

Christian Pulisic

That’s being worth a lot! At just 21 years of age, having 10 million dollars of net worth to back you up isn’t an easy feat. With a salary of £145k a week, it guarantees him a more than comfortable life. He’s paid And thanks to all those endorsements he does with Nike, Gatorade, Chipotles, Hershey Co, and Panini (to name a few), he rakes in a pretty good fee for himself.

7. Christian Pulisic Has The Same Birthday As Ronaldo Nazario

That’s a great coincidence – and a nice one too! Christian Pulisic has the same birth date as football legend Ronaldo Nazario. Both were born on 18th September, the difference being that Pulisic was born a whole 22 years later. Maybe he might one day become as celebrated a footballer as Ronaldo!

8. Christian Pulisic Was Given A Chance To Play For Croatia

Wait, but isn’t he American? Well, he’s also part Croatian, thanks to his grandfather. In fact, he acquired Croatian citizenship when he came to Germany so that he wouldn’t have to obtain a work visa. This made him eligible to play for the Croatian national football team. He was given a chance to be in the U-17 team due to his fantastic playing skills. However, he turned it down and has been playing for the USA ever since – and has been given the title of the Best American Soccer – ever!

“He can play for Croatia, the question is, will he? Croatian FA technical director Romeo Jozak has spoken to him and his family, for now, the answer is negative, but we are not giving up”, said former U-17 Croatian team manager Luka Pavlovic, about Pulisic.

9. He’s Pretty Expensive For An American Player

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In fact, he’s the most costly American player ever signed. Chelsea loosened their purse-strings by buying the American midfielder for $73 million – a pretty huge number. 

10. Christian Pulisic Has Been In A “Forbes 30 Under 30 In Sports” List

And guess what? He was the youngest person to be a part of the list. He was featured in this swanky lists of athletic celebrities – alongside NBA stars like Paul George and Klay Thompson!

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