Tammy Abraham Reveals How Life In Quarantine Is For Him

Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham has spilled the beans on his life in quarantine – and how it’s going for him.

And it looks like Abraham isn’t minding this quarantine time much – in fact, he’s been enjoying the time off quite a bit.

“I’m good. I’ve just been chilling — legs up, laid back and just been playing Playstation all day — mixing it up playing FIFA, Call of Duty and Fortnite,” he told BBC.

“I have come so close at winning on Warzone but I haven’t yet.”

It might seem as though the Chelsea youngster might not be getting any work done, but he is. A workout plan is sent from the club for the homebound athletes to perform so they can keep in shape and stay active.

“We have a schedule from the club. You can mix it up if you really want to. It is going for a run, different types of run, upper-body sessions, lower-body sessions.

“I keep active and any time I have the chance to kick a ball around the house I always take advantage of that and it has been good I have been staying active and fit.

“My sister or my mum or dad cook for me, I am lucky to have them in the house and not have to do it myself.”

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