Should Chelsea trust in Frank Lampard

When Frank Lampard walked back into the club last summer, there was a mix of hope and excitement and tension surrounding the future.

While almost every Chelsea fan was happy to see the legend come back as a manager, there remained a question – would he have been allowed back to the hotseat at the Bridge had he not played for the Blues?

Maybe the question cannot ever be answered. However, what can be done is taking a reflective look at what Frank has done in his first 18 months in his charge.

Simply put – he has steadied the ship and encouraged the board to invest in the club’s future through his eyes.

Achieving a top-four finish with a group of youth players, a few stars returning from loan and two experienced PL washouts amidst the top 6 competition is not something that should be overlooked.

The manager has had a tough start to the new season after the club practically signed him half a new team but faith should persist in the man this time around – not because he is a club legend but because he has earned it with his performance in his first season – typical Frank!

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