Seaman reveals the secrets behind saving a penalty

David Seaman has revealed what he feels is the best way to take a penalty. He has also said that among the current takers of penalty in the English Premier League, it is Eden Hazard who stands out.

Seaman has spilled the beans on what he used to during his goalkeeping days and revealed how he kept players out.

“Whenever there was a penalty, I always used to think, ‘Here’s a chance at glory’,” he told talkSPORT. “It’s the closest I would ever get to the feeling of scoring a goal. I didn’t do any homework on penalties. I used to just look at the run up. A good penalty taker will swap sides. Look at Matt Le Tissier, he always swapped sides.”

The former Gunner has also said that Hazard is unique in his style.

“As soon as they put their head down, I would decide which way I went, so they couldn’t see which way I was going to go. The best penalty taker nowadays is Eden Hazard – because he doesn’t look at the ball. He just watches the goalkeeper. It would be hard. You’d have to double bluff him or something like that.”

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