Scoring thrice for Burnley meant a lot for Pulisic

Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic pulled off a stunning hatrick when the Blues last played against Burnley – and that meant a lot to him after coming to England from Germany.

He told Soccer Saturday: “Absolutely [scoring was a release]. It was my first goal and first start in a while. I was really happy when that moment happened, all those emotions hit me and you could clearly see it on my face in the celebration what it meant to me.

The day just couldn’t have gone any better, everything seemed to go my way. With experience of games and good performances, you start to gain more confidence.

“Having the confidence of your team-mates and coaches can help so much so I think that helps and pushes me forward.”

“I moved around a lot as a kid which I think helped me out a bit,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of life experiences, moving and changing clubs, being in different places.

“London is an amazing city. Coming from a slightly smaller town like Dortmund to London has been big. Getting to see the culture, seeing how big football is – the Premier League is incredible and it’s huge here.

“It means everything to me. To be part of this club, this team to be in the Premier League where I always wanted to be – it’s a dream for me.”

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