Sarri will not be Chelsea manager next season

Paul Merson has said that he does not see Maurizio Sarri being the manager of Chelsea next season.

“I don’t think Sarri will be there next season,” Merson told the Daily Star. “Chelsea can’t go on like this and they won’t finish in the top four playing like that. I’m sure he wants to win something, but I think he might have had enough. I’ve said before that Maurizio Sarri should be careful what he says, and he got his answer at Bournemouth. To question his players and have a go at them in public the way he did is dangerous if you’re Chelsea manager. Look what happened to Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte.”

“OK, he got a tune out of them against Tottenham in the Carabao Cup, but that was the biggest game of their season. Look what’s happened in the next league game. They remembered what he said. Don’t tell me they are playing for their manager when they lose 4-0 at Bournemouth.”

“With the quality they’ve got, that’s scandalous. Sarri knows something is not right or he wouldn’t have come out and said he can’t motivate them. But that’s admitting defeat. He’s literally saying he’s not up to the job. If you’re the Chelsea board and you hear that, you’d be calling him straight in for talks. They must be wondering if they picked the right guy, saying he can’t motivate his own players. That’s his job.”

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