Sarri reveals his star winger will stay at Chelsea!

Sarri has revealed that Hudson-Odoi is staying at Chelsea!

“As you know, I don’t have the power to sign a new contract [for him],” Sarri told a news conference today. “On the pitch, I am very happy with him. The club have told me that, in this transfer window, he will remain with us for sure – and very probably in the next, too. I am really very happy with this. He is improving. I think he will be the future of our club and English football.”

Sarri added: “I am not frustrated [with the speculation] because, on the pitch, he is doing very well. I am not happy with the situation but every big team has the same problem. It is not easy to keep these young players. He is one of the best 18-year-old players in Europe.

“The club have told me he is out of the market and probably will be in July.” Asked if the player is happy with that decision, Sarri replied: “I don’t know, but on the pitch he is superb.”

Sarri has asked him to keep performing without expecting any promises though. “I cannot do anything. I do not have the power to make him [sign a contract],” the Blues boss said. “It is impossible to promise him he will play every match. It depends on the situation.”

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