Sarri or Lampard: Poyet adds his opinion

Gus Poyet has revealed his pick for the Chelsea manager job between Frank Lampard and Maurizio Sarri.

“Sarri, for me, has done very well,” Poyet said on Wednesday’s Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast.

“I know we talked earlier in the season about the style of football, about Sarriball, blah, blah, blah.

“But at the end of the day, he finished third behind the two best teams for many, many years in the Premier League, he won the Europa League and was in the final of the League Cup, which they lost on penalties. So it wasn’t that bad.

“I’m not sure whether it’s Chelsea that want him to leave, or he himself wants to leave.

“It looks to me that he’s had enough of the criticism for the job he’s done and actually he is the one who wants to leave.

“Me? I want Sarri to stay.

“Having the results they’ve had, I think it’s a good option to have him for another year. But I’ve got a feeling that it’s him who has had enough. I hope not, though.”

“I think it’s a beautiful job and, if he has the chance, Frank has to jump at it,” added the former Blues midfielder.

“It’s a rare opportunity and it’s a good option. He knows the club, he knows the politics inside the club and he knows you need to have a different way of playing.”

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