Sarri insults Chelsea immediately after joining Juventus

Maurizio Sarri became the head coach of Juventus last week after being released by Chelsea via a mutual understanding and it has not taken him long to have his first dig at the West London club.

He is definitely not the first coach either to speak ill of his former club. However, Sarri wasted previous time discussing how Chelsea and his players were not on his level.

Sarri said: “Juve are the best Italian club right now and offered me a chance to return to Italy. It’s the crowning achievement of a long career.

“It’s been a long journey for me made up of gradual steps. I’m happy to be at the most important team in Italy and this is a further step forward after the experience at Chelsea.

“I preferred to go abroad to avoid going from one Italian team to another. The Premier League experience was amazing, but for family reasons I desired go back to Italy.

“The opportunity was given by Juventus and it is I think also the climax of the career. I feel I have respected everybody.”

“It’s going to be an exciting year in Serie A, especially for the coaches. There’s a long way to go but hopefully the league can start to close the gap with the Premier League.

“Chelsea FC had a lot of technically gifted players but with diverse characteristics, less fluid but just as solid.

“I realised being in England how amazing their stadiums are, the atmosphere in football in Italy has to change through infrastructure.”

“At Chelsea I coached some very strong players, but training Cristiano Ronaldo will be yet another step forward. I’d like to help him break some new records.

“When you have a player with the qualities of Paulo Dybala or Cristiano they can play in any role. What can change is only the interpretation of the role.

“You have to have clear ideas on two or three players who can make a real difference for the team and then give them an environment to truly express themselves. If a team enjoys itself on the pitch then the spectators enjoy themselves and this is fuel to win.

“For three years I would wake up and think about how to defeat Juventus, because they were a winning team. I gave 110 per cent but we still couldn’t do it. It was an experience and I will now give everything for this club.”

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