Sarri hails Kepa attitude after being benched

Maurizio Sarri has revealed that Kepa discovered his demotion to the bench during the team meeting and the young goalkeeper will learn from his mistakes.

He also said that the keeper took it well and helped his team feel united by not making a scene about having to be on the bench.

“I think it was the right decision,” Sarri said. “Kepa made a big mistake, he paid with the club and then he had to pay with the team.”

He added: “I think maybe with this result we could involve Tottenham in this fight. The gap is very large, seven points, but we have one match (in hand). I spoke with the club two, three times in the last days. The problem wasn’t so big,” Sarri said.

“It’s not a big problem for me. In this job you are under pressure every week, if you’re lucky every six months. It’s normal. If you lose two matches, three matches in a row you’re under pressure. I think it’s normal for every coach, maybe something more in Chelsea.”

It is reported that Kepa might have to sit out for the next match as well but the 24 year old is ready to pay his dues as he has understood the value and importance of putting the team before him.

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