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Sarri extremely wary of Hazard’s future

Sarri extremely wary of Hazard's future

Maurizio Sarri has thrown in the towel claiming that even Europa success might not be enough to keep Hazard at Chelsea.

“I don’t know, I don’t know. If Hazard is thinking that the history here is finished, then in his mind it is finished,” Sarri told a news conference.

“I can try to speak to him, but it is not easy. It’s not easy because of course I want Hazard, but I want Hazard with a very high level of motivation.”

“As you know you have to ask the club because I am not in control of the market. I am not in charge of the renewal of the contract, so I am not able to answer,” Sarri said.

“I can only speak to the player but like a father, not like a manager. Also, if I speak to him, I will not tell you anything, it’s a discussion between a father and a son.”

Asked if he believed his first season at Stamford Bridge had been a success, Sarri replied:  “I think that the season is really very good, because we got to two finals, we finish in the top four, so the season is really very good.”

“Of course, in a final you need to be lucky. It is more important to arrive in the final, but now we want to win and if we are able to win a trophy after the top four then I think we can finish the season in a very strong way.”

“So, we are able to do it and I think now we deserve, as a group, to win a trophy.”

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