Sarri-ball can see Hazard and Kante leave

Chelsea could risk losing Eden Hazard and N’Golo Kante if they continue to play Sarri-ball, according to former Blues defender Melchiot.

He said,”If you play players out of their position, you’re taking away their happiness and when their happiness goes, players are going to start looking at somewhere else. Kante is happy doing the job he’s good at, but now Sarri is making him go forward.”

“His strength is breaking up play and winning the ball back, and that allows other Chelsea players to take more risks because they have that security of Kante being behind them. That security is gone now and if they lose the ball, their opponents come straight at them.”

“It’s the same with Hazard – if you want to keep hold of your star players you have to make them feel good about what they’re doing. Sarri has started to complain that he dribbles too much with the ball, but what do you want?”

“That’s his ability and there is no player who wants to play against him when he does that. If you do not want him to dribble, if you want him to play one-touch instead, he should not be in your team.”

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