Sancho tipped to join Chelsea amid United links

Jadon Sancho can have the option to come to Chelsea and Liverpool if he waits out a year.

The Borussia Dortmund winger, according to Danny Murphy, will only be able to go to United if he’s sure about it. However, Murphy claims that options like Chelsea or Liverpool shall open up for him if he can wait for a while longer, possibly a year. 

“United are an attractive proposition, one of the biggest clubs in the world with a young and exciting team, but Sancho won’t be short of suitors in his career and he’ll be aware that in a year’s time, when football finances are a bit steadier, he may have a choice that also includes Liverpool, his ‘local’ team Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid,” Murphy wrote for the Daily Mail.

Within a year, Sancho’s demand could increase more and clubs like Chelsea could come knocking at his door by next season.

“It’s possible he may prefer to wait and weigh up his options after the Euros next summer rather than rocking the boat now by telling Dortmund he wants to leave.

“If that’s the case and United are fighting against an inflated fee and a player considering other options, they have a problem – and that’s without factoring in the agent fees that usually accompany a deal like this.

“Sancho is young and publicly respectful but his career to date indicates a player who knows his own mind and will have a say in his future. If his heart really is set on joining United, there are ways of letting all relevant parties aware,” Murphy added.

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