In some shocking remarks that surfaced overnight, Chelsea midfielder Moises Caicedo criticized Mauricio Pochettino’s techniques and referred to his training as “difficult.” Caicedo gives a rather candid interview, drawing comparisons between his time at Brighton and Chelsea. It seems that he wasn’t too fond of Chelsea under Pochettino.

Caicedo objected to Pochettino’s tactics, saying that at Brighton, the focus was primarily on the tactical aspects of the game, whereas Pochettino’s style was all about running and energy. Caicedo stated, “At Brighton, it was all tactical, just with the ball; tactical, tactical, tactical,” in remarks that were captured and translated by X this week. It was really challenging for me to run, run, run at Chelsea.

“I always had to run a little bit more with Chelsea because it was a different type of football, and we almost always had the ball with Brighton.”

Caicedo prefers to play away due to Chelsea fans

The midfielder used these words to describe how difficult it was to start his Blues career: “Chelsea’s fans attacked Caicedo and other players.”

Caicedo stated, “At the beginning of the season, some of us (players) were getting attacked because we weren’t doing well and the fans were attacking us,” in remarks that were picked up and appropriately translated on X this week. I found it difficult since I wanted to play away from home because the Chelsea supporters would not let me play at home.

Reading those quotations is really uncomfortable, and it’s not good at all that he claims fans were “attacking” him.

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