defender Huth insists club to retain Toni Rudiger

Antonio Rudiger was in the squad for the first time this season in the United draw on Saturday.

And he could appear for the first time in this year’s campaign against Russian side FK Krasnodar in the Champions League on Wednesday. The German defender spoke to Frank Lampard about his involvement in the squad.

“I’ve had discussions. I saw the story. I’ve always had a positive relationship with him,” Lampard said.

“Everything I do, I do for the club and selections and the team, and at the minute sometimes you have to have players out of the squad and it is big news for everybody.

“He is very much in contention to play.”

The 27 year old had previously been linked for a move away from Stamford Bridge in the summer transfer window to Tottenham Hotspur and Paris St Germain.

Lampard also is the second English manager to run a team more than once in the Champions League.

“I don’t feel there is a responsibility of the ‘English managers union’ but I was surprised by the stat myself,” Lampard added.

“At end of my career I heard a lot about a merry-go-round but I think it’s different now. Hopefully more opportunities for English coaches. Sometimes we can have managers at home who can do the job as well.

“I’m not thinking of myself as a standard-bearer but will do the job as well as I can.

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