Rudiger Answers: Will Chelsea miss Willian?

Chelsea is the most successful English team in the last decade. 

The Blues had a relatively lower success rate in the last decade than they did in the mid-2000s but it was enough to see them win enough silverware to be the most successful English team. 

Most if not all of that team has not left or departed the club. It began with the departure of the old guard and a huge chunk of it was lost the last summer when David Luiz, Gary Cahill, and Eden Hazard left the club. The final flag-bearers now are Willian and Cesar Azpilicueta and it seems that the Blues are set to lose their favorite Brazilian as well. 

Antonio Rudiger, who has played with a few members from the successful Chelsea teams of the past, has rated Willian highly and left a message for the Brazilian. 

“Since day one of coming to Chelsea, he and David Luiz got me into the team and helped me out in the first couple of months because it was not that easy,” the Germany international told reporters.

“He is a great guy and a really, really good footballer. He is calm and humble and it will be sad if I don’t see him again as a team-mate. He is not the type of player who talks that much.

“He does his thing on the pitch, just like Eden Hazard. By playing, he shows what he is about. He is a guy who dictates the game and not many players in the world have this type of quality.

“He is always training [hard] and practicing free-kicks after. He is someone who always wants to improve.”

Well, Willian if you’re listening, you know you will be loved here regardless of your decision!

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