Roman remains committed to Chelsea: Buck

Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck has reassured the fans that the Blues owner Roman Abramovich remains thoroughly invested in the club.

“Everything he’s doing reaffirms his commitment to Chelsea,” Buck told Sky Sports News. “We hear from him several times a day and he’s talking to us about players, commercial activities and our good causes. So I would say he’s committed to Chelsea.”

Speaking on Abramovich’s donation to the Imperial War Museum’s new Holocaust Galleries, which will open in 2021, Buck said, It was his idea and he’s checking in with us regularly as to how it’s going and what we’re doing and what effect we’re having, so yes it’s very important to him.”

We had a couple of incidents and we were very unhappy with it, particularly since the club now is very focused on a project thanks to the impetus from Roman Abramovich of tackling anti-Semitism,” said Buck. “We just wanted to make it clear to those very few fans who are acting inappropriately that we have a very strong position on this issue.”

“I think the Chelsea supporter base is reflective of society generally and I think we’ve seen in the last few years a rise of incidents relating to anti-Semitism and that’s reflected in our fan base.”

“That’s the main reason why we have this project. We’ve got to do our share to do something about it. We’ve got to investigate all of these issues and punish and deal with people appropriately,” Buck said.



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