Robert Green unplugged!

Robert Green has given an interview opening up life at Cobham and Stamford Bridge.

When asked who has been the best player in training lately, he said, “Other than myself? I think Callum in recent weeks has just taken another step. When I arrived within a couple of sessions I could see he was a talent. You can come across people who can do it in fits and starts across a season, but now he is producing it on a more consistent, daily basis in the last couple of weeks. He will be something special.”

When asked who would make a good goalkeeper, he said, “Oli [Giroud] goes in goal sometimes in training for a couple of shots, but he seems quite scared of the harder shots. I’m going to go with Gary Cahill because he’s got a large square head like me so it fills up most of the goal.”

When asked which goalkeeper would make the best striker, he said, “Consistently in training it’s me. I’ve got a variety of different ways to finish chances. On his day Willy can score five or six shots on the bounce which hit the top corner every time, so probably Willy.”

When asked who jokes the most, he said, “I immediately want to say Ross, but you’re going to ask me something like who’s the thickest and I’m going to have to say Ross again! He’s always trying to light the fire. Something will end up landing by your head, crashing around you. You know it’s him yet he’ll point to someone else and continually lie about who was the instigator.”

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