Redknapp reveals his take on Frank Lampard as Chelsea boss

Jamie Redknapp has urged Chelsea to sign Frank Lampard as the next boss for the Blues!

“Frank would be the perfect person. Maurizio Sarri is still the manager right now so until that changes, if it were to change and if they need a manager next year, they need someone who’s going to come in and stabilise the club.”

“They have lost their best player (Eden Hazard) and they have got a transfer embargo for two or three windows, so you need someone that everybody loves and they will give them time.”

He added: “[Lampard] knows the game and obviously Jody Morris will come back with him if he does do that and Jody knows all the young players and will want to give those guys a chance.”

“It would be interesting but the fans here would love one of their own. They have never gone for an English manager as far as I can remember. I think Frank would be a great choice but whatever they do, whoever it is, even if it’s not Frank, they will need to be patient.”

“If you have lost Hazard, that’s a huge loss to any team, so the manager has got to be given time and the club have got to state from the start that this manager is going to be given a good couple of years to work his stuff.”

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