Ranking Chelsea FC's best players for the coming season

Ranking Chelsea FC’s best players for the coming season and predicting their upcoming statistics!

The FIFA Club World Cup and the English Premier League are just around the corner, and Chelsea has a chance to win the famous trophy in the United Arab Emirates.

Last year, the Blues defeated Manchester City to win the Champions League. They also won the Eu Super Cup versus Villarreal in August, earning a place in the FIFA World Cup.

Chelsea was probably one of the top teams in the world in 2021. However, if they wish to succeed next season, they will have to compete against champions from all across the world.

On that point, here are five players that could contribute to Chelsea’s success this season.

Rudiger Antonio

Having already excelled greatly this year, Antonio Rudiger has enjoyed a fantastic past season. This season, the centre-back has lived up to his manager Thomas Tuchel high regard by performing admirably in every game.

The German player is fast and strong, and he is also a crucial player in set pieces. His long balls are also outstanding, as he has set up several goals with his long-range passing.

Despite Tuchel’s constant rotation of centre-backs, Rudiger has been a consistent starter. As a result, he is likely to play an important role in the 2018 FIFA event.

The 28-year-old defender has 3 goals and 4 assists this season. Very good stats for a defender.

It was with the great help of Rudiger that the blues won the champions league.

Mount Mason

Mason Mount has been the West London club’s top man once again this season. In 32 matches across all competitions, the Chelsea youth graduate has scored seven goals and provided eight assists.

Mount Mason

The Englishman got off to a slow start the past season, but after some key players got hurt, he picked up speed. In recent weeks, he has become the club’s primary goal scorer, and his versatility has proven to be a boon. Thomas Tuchel has employed him in a variety of roles, and Mount has consistently delivered due to his work rate, determination, and technical talents.

Mount is a tireless worker on the field and is hoping to lift the premier league trophy next season.

Kante, N’Golo

N’Golo Kante has had more injury problems this season, but it hasn’t diminished his value to the club. The France international is in the UAE with the team despite missing last week’s FA Cup triumph over Plymouth.

Jorginho and Kovacic can both contribute to the squad, but neither can accomplish what Kante does. The 30-year-old is a relentless force that initiates attacks and rarely slows down. Sometimes, he’ll be the one to interrupt the other player from doing so.

The upcoming world cup is going to be a difficult contest. Therefore, Chelsea’s midfield maestro will need to be in great form during these matches.

Last year, Kante was named Man of the Match in both the semifinal and championship games of the Champions League. If he can repeat his performance in the upcoming season, he will be one step closer to winning every domestic football title.

Kante is also set to make a big impact in the upcoming world cup. Kante is a well-known figure in the betting industry making him an interesting player to wager on. You can be certain that all the best World Cup bets are going to be placed on Kante

Azpilicueta, Cesar

Ranking Chelsea FC's best players for the coming season

Cesar Azpilicueta has served as Chelsea’s leader over the past few months despite the club’s issues with injuries and bad form. The club has been suffering as a result of both of these factors. The team captain has maintained his steady effort level since his 2012 arrival at Stamford Bridge.

Although the right-back turned 32 last year, he is still in excellent physical condition. Because of Reece James’ injury, Azpilicueta has seen more playing time, and he has done admirably when called upon.

The Spanish defender is a fantastic player for Chelsea and an even greater leader. After League One’s Plymouth Argyle took the lead, he scored the tying goal in the FA Cup match.

One of the rare club captains in history to win both local and European honours is the Spaniard. He has the opportunity to do what no previous Stamford Bridge leader has done before: win the FIFA Club World Cup.

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