Pulisic told to get nasty at Chelsea

Christian Pulisic has gotten off to a rocky start at Chelsea.

The American star is not at all happy with his progress at the club as he is struggling to get any game time. Klinsmann has now advised Pulisic to get nasty to break into the team.

Klinsmann told ESPN: ”You’re basically in a daily competition [at Chelsea]. Maybe in Dortmund he knew: ‘I established myself already within the club to be a very special player. I get my minutes in, I get my games in, I’m a starter most of the time.’

“You don’t have that automatic assurance at Chelsea. At Chelsea it goes from game to game, week to week. You’re basically in training and you have to tell the coach: ‘I’m in, I’m going to start this game.’ So it’s a little bit more cold, it’s a bit more nasty.

“What I mean with the elbows is that you have to become nasty in order to make yourself a starter.”

Klinsmann was also happy about Pulisic being brave to risk the Premier League.

“You never know it’s the right fit unless you do it,” Klinsmann added.

“Christian did well to say: ‘I’m going to throw myself in another cold water, go over to London and throw myself in the Premier League, and I have to fight through the system there.’ So that’s what he’s in.

“He’s a very special player, he’s tremendously talented, but this is a big step, because Borussia Dortmund was also basically the club where he got formed into a professional player.

“He came out of the youth system there, he moved himself up, he had all the support within the club and now going to London — also to one of the biggest clubs in the world — you got to bring your elbows out.”

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