Pulisic reveals why he hasn't been starting any matches

Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic has denied any rumours that he has had an injury even after making no appearance – because he was on the bench against Arsenal in Sunday’s London derby at the Emirates. 

He went to the Arsenal home ground for the Sunday match, but was benched. Pulisic tweeted rather straightforwardly: ‘100% healthy but thank you guys for the concern.’

Pulisic has been struggling a little to get a spot in the starting XI – he hasn’t been in the line up at the start of three games.

Lampard went for an almost same line-up as the Blues had with Arsenal, explaining: ‘I don’t think we got it wrong because when you go and play as you did at Tottenham last week, I’d have questioned my sanity if I came to Arsenal, played four [at the back] and it went that way in the first half,” said Lampard.

‘For me the main thing in the first half an hour wasn’t the tactics. It was the spirit, the fight of the team. They were quicker. We were lethargic. They were brave. We weren’t, we were nervous. That was the main thing.

‘I could have made the changes after 10 minutes and that is not Emerson, that’s probably any of the players to change it slightly because it’s hard to convey a message with your voice on the sidelines in this atmosphere. Sometimes it has to be a gesture. We changed and it got better.

‘It wasn’t so much the three but Mikel Arteta isn’t silly. He saw us play well at Tottenham and he found a way to pin our five back. We had three men marking one at the back. They had numbers in midfield and won all the second balls. It had to change.’

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  1. Very poor and misleading article. Your headline says that Pulisic will reveal why he hasn’t been starting or playing and you never did that at all. Not even close. You simply stated that he’s 100% healthy. So he should be playing. Now find out why he hasn’t been playing. Do the job.


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