Pulisic proving to be a Hollywood hit in Europe

When young Christian Pulisc first crossed the Atlantic, he was hardly 13 years old. 

He had a small spell in England as a youth player before returning to the US and then joining the Dortmund academy in Germany. The player has since then proved himself to be a success with every passing year. 

From being tipped as an exceptionally talented teenager to earning big move to Chelsea, he was the next big thing. And now – he has delivered on that. 

He is the big thing. American dreams are now being born after watching Pulisic play who has had an instant Hollywood hit in his first season at the big level. 

“In the first couple days, it is normal for a new guy that it is tough, not everyone is going to be your best friend straight away,” Pulisic told Sirius XM recently. “That’s okay. But I really felt once I was able to show myself on the field that I could play, and that’s when guys really started to say, ‘This guy is good. He can hang with us. We are going to treat him with a little more respect’.”

Serious respect for the player who is only 21 but has been able to fill in some big shoes this season at the Bridge – a star for the future!

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