Pulisic backed to succeed at Chelsea

Chelsea star Christian Pulisic has been told to cement his position in the team in the midst of the club’s transfer ban.

“I love him. Talent-wise, yeah [he’s the best American player ever],” Nash agreed, after host Bill Simmons asked if he was the USA’s best export in history.

“It’s going to be very interesting, because I think he’s been very sharp so far at Chelsea.

“This isn’t a level above him, he can thrive at this level.

“He’s gifted, he’s quick, he’s got a quick mind, he’s versatile.

“At these clubs like Chelsea, where there’s money, he’s lucky because they’ve got a two-window transfer ban so they can’t recruit over him.

“These clubs, though, they’re going to have the opportunity to go out and buy a great player, so as much as anything it’s about him finding his spot and his role in this team and own it.

“He can be a great, great player, but if he doesn’t quite fit and nail down his position in the way that they play, he could flounder.

“He can be a ten, for sure, in the future. A lot of modern tens start wide and then come in, [teams] don’t really play with that ten in the hole that sits behind the striker.”

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