Potential owners vows to win over Chelsea fans

Ricketts family member Laura Ricketts vows to fight against discrimination.

The Ricketts family faced immense backlash after it was known that Joe Ricketts was accused of Islamophobia three years ago.

The Chelsea Supporters Trust voiced their concerns over the Ricketts family but Laura Ricketts who came out as gay back in the 90s issued a statement to ESPN.

The statement read: “We’re not going to be able to persuade all the fans right away that we will be good stewards of Chelsea — we’re going to have to show them with meaningful action if we are successful in our bid. But I can assure all Chelsea fans that it has been my life’s work to fight against discrimination and bigotry of any kind.

“Coming out as an LGBTQ+ woman has influenced my perspective and sensitivity about diversity and inclusion. I can’t know what it’s like to walk in another person’s shoes, but I can begin to understand and have an awareness of their different experience.

“And that’s a gift. In the position that I’m in, I feel a sense of responsibility to be an advocate. To me, being an advocate means speaking up, and also listening.”


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