Petr Cech saves video: watch Petr Cech saving goals - best saves videos!Petr Cech saves goal video

Petr Cech videos? Best Petr Cech saves video? Do you want to see the best Petr Cech best goal saves videos? Petr Cech is not one of Chelsea FC current goalkeepers, but Petr Cech is considered to be one of the best Chelsea goalkeepers ever.

The former Chelsea goalkeeper spent 13 years at Chelsea and won multiple titles. He even came back from a horrific head injury just three months later. Cech is now at Arsenal but his legend lives on at Stamford Bridge. Here we will look at the best Petr cech videos.

Watch Petr Cech saving goals - here are the best Petr Cech saves goal videos!

Chelsea FC Petr Cech saves video

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Want to see Petr Cech best saves? The best Petr Cech videos? Some of these saves are just ridiculous! Here we have compiled a list of all the best Petr Cech saves videos.

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Petr Cech saves video: Best goalkeeper with most clean sheets

Petr Cech has had a great career at Chelsea. He played for Chelsea from 2004 to 2015 as part of the new Abramovich era. He kept an amazing 228 clean sheets in 494 games (46%). Cech is number one on our Chelsea goalkeepers most clean sheets of all time list.

Cech also holds a number of other records. He holds the record for most consecutive league clean sheets with ten clean sheets in 2004/05. Cech played an amazing 1024 minutes without conceding a goal (top-flight record at that time).

Cech has the most clean sheets in a season record with 28 clean sheets in 48 games 2004/05.

Cech 2019

The goalkeeper has decided to call it quits on his spectacular career at the end of this season. He is a special talent the Premier League ever saw. He is on course to finish the season with an Europa League trophy if his team plays well and that would indeed be a fitting end for his career.

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