Pavard reveals how Bayern mastered Chelsea

Chelsea were taught a masterclass on Tuesday night by Benjamin Pavard.

The Blues lost due to their lack of quality and Benjamin Pavard has now revealed how Bayern utlized it.

He said, “We did the job in the 2nd half, we grew in strength throughout the match. Our strength is the collective. We defend together, we attack together. We won the first match, but we should not already be thinking about the quarter-finals, there is still the 2nd leg. Of course to win 3-0 at Chelsea, not all teams are capable of that. But football goes fast, we saw remontadas last year. We are going to enjoy this a little, but matches are coming thick and fast, we are going to handle them, and after that we will think about the 2nd leg.”

“Since the coach (Hansi Flack) arrived, he has given us lots of confidence. We defend through going forward, we saw that we pressed right until the 90th minutes. They struggled to pass balls out and we tired them out. Things are going very well with the coach, we must continue. We are Bayern, we want to win a maximum number of matches. Is this a message sent to the rest of Europe? You could say that. But once again, there is still a 2nd leg.”

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