Pat Nevin salutes Jorginho's Chelsea performances

Pat Nevin has praised Jorginho for his Chelsea performances.

Former Chelsea star Pat Nevin has hailed the performances of Jorginho and the stats of the Italian at Chelsea.

“The statistics alone will tell you about [Jorginho’s] incredible work-rate but it is his passion for every tackle and every chase that shines almost as much as his ability on the ball.”

To be honest I thought Jorginho was fabulous last season as well and didn’t buy into the no-forward-passing problem being his fault or even true,” Nevin, who spent five years at Chelsea, wrote in his column for the club’s website.

“It was the style of the team and in the end it was successful and as we know, he played more through balls than anyone else in the league bar our own David.

“There were even a few occasions when he was booed at the Bridge last season and it really upset me.

“He is the bravest player you will ever meet because of where and how often he takes the ball,” Nevin added.
“He also controls games as well as just about anyone on the planet just now. Happily Frank agrees and has let him off the leash to be more positive and take a few chances going forward more quickly.

“I agree it is even better now than it was last season for our number five. Everyone else does seem to be seeing his attributes now though and it is a huge relief.

“I would have hated to lose him to Juventus or Manchester City, because that is the standard of clubs that would have grabbed him in a heartbeat.”

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