Oliver Giroud wanting to make an exit from Chelsea very soon

We all know that Olivier Giroud has been unhappy with Chelsea for a while.

He spoke up and stated that he would probably not be able to stay at Chelsea by next month in the Premier league. 

“It is going to be difficult to stay at Chelsea. I am going to have a conversation with the coach. There is a very high chance that there will be a change because I am not receiving enough playing time to express myself. For the moment, I am a Chelsea player. I still have a few more matches to play with the club between now and when the transfer window opens. After that, we are going to sit around the table and make the best decision for me. A move to France is a possible solution.”

“I’m going to fight for my place in Chelsea. The coach knows it. And we will make the decision in January,” Giroud had said earlier this year.

“If I want to leave Chelsea? Not necessarily. But if I need to make a choice… I have some beautiful years in front of me. I’m 33, I still have legs and a good healthy lifestyle and I feel good physically.

“I want to have fun and want to play more games. Chelsea is my priority, but if in the end I’m forced to make a choice, I will do it as when I left Arsenal.”

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