O'Hara slams Cundy for Chelsea-Spurs comparison

Chelsea man Jason Cundy had praised the Blues team of now by saying that other teams like Spurs would be jealous of them.

However, it to anger of O’Hara. The former Spurs man felt Cundy was flowing away with his judgement and felt Chelsea are nothing more than what Spurs were a couple of seasons ago.

“Cundy’s up to it again, isn’t he? He loves it,” he said on Thursday’s Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast.

“He’s got a fair point, Chelsea are very good at the moment, they have got a direction and the players who have come in do look very special.

“But in terms of Tottenham wanting to be Chelsea, he’s talking nonsense!

“Chelsea really and truthfully are Spurs three years ago, that’s what it is!

“We had our own inflicted transfer ban, brought all these players through and got back in the top four, that’s pretty much what Chelsea are doing now.”

“Listen, if Roman Abramovic had taken over Tottenham [as he was reportedly interested in doing in 2003], we’d still be dominating at the top of the table,” he said.

Really O’Hara? Dominating at the top? Maybe its more like bottling at the top.

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