Nevin hails Abraham

Speaking of the ability of young players like Tammy Abraham and their ability to have shown versatility already, Chelsea columnist Pat Nevin has singled out the young English striker Abraham this week for praise.

It also helps hugely if they have good football brains. It may shock you to know (or maybe it wouldn’t!) that not all pros do have that inherent football intelligence to anywhere near the level you would expect. The likes of Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount and Christian Pulisic however have plenty of the football grey stuff up top to allow them to learn quickly.

It is fabulous that Tammy is continuing his goal-scoring spree and doing it with different types of goals. Clearly he is no one-trick pony. He is getting the tap-ins and the fine strikes from distance but he is also getting the scruffy ones nicked from defensive mistakes. The last category is vital if you are going to get 20 in a season or more in the Premier League. Every top scorer will tell you the same thing; a 40-yard pile driver counts the same as a two-yard mishit as long as it goes over that line.

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