Neville explains why he has little sympathy for Lampard sacking

Frank Lampard was sacked as the Chelsea manager last week.

However, Sky pundit Gary Neville has shown little sympathy for him.

Neville pointed to the time back when Andre Villas Boas was sacked as Chelsea boss and Lampard was reportedly one of those players who had a role to play in the dressing room to get the manager sacked.

“I go back Martin to in Napoli eight or nine years ago, when Villas-Boas had picked a team in the afternoon of a Champions League game. And he left out Frank Lampard, Michael Essien and another big player at that time,” Neville said on his latest Sky Sports Podcast.

“And I remember Chelsea players at that time ringing up members of the media and trying to get him out. And Frank was part of that group.

“And it has been really a brutal football club for managers for many many years, and Frank has suffered that brutality last week, so he should be the least of all surprised because he has been at the club when Villas-Boas was sacked, Scolari, and all the rest of them have come and gone.”

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