Mourinho weighs in on the Kepa-Sarri debate

Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has said that Kepa’s decision has left Chelsea management staff embarrassed.

The goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga made a mockery of Chelsea management last night as he refused to come off when Sarri wanted him subbed off against Manchester City.

Jose Mourinho, a former Chelsea boss has weighed in on the matter saying that he understands Kepa’s desire to win for the club but must not put that above his professional integrity.

“No, luckily I never had to live through anything like this. I think on the one hand the goalkeeper wants to show his personality, his confidence, and wants to say ‘I’m here, I want to go to penalties and save them, and I am here with the confidence that I will go and do it’. And this is what I like.”

“But then I don’t really like that he [Kepa] leaves the manager, the coaches and everyone else in a very fragile situation, also including one of his own team-mates who was ready to enter the pitch. Eventually we saw how he [Caballero] was thrown into a mess that he wasn’t really part of. It saddens me, because it’s a really complicated situation.”

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