Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has been told in no uncertain terms to stop talking about Chelsea boss Antonio Conte and start worrying about his own side.

That was after Pep Guardiola’s men managed to go five points clear in the Premier League and Manchester United dropped three more points in their quest for the Premier League title.

Apparently, the real manager Mourinho needs to be bothering with is Pep Guardiola, who’s Manchester City side are the out and out favourites for the league title.

“Mourinho seems to be wasting too much energy in picking fights with other managers,” Redknapp wrote in his Daily Mail column.

“He doesn’t need to do this. It seemed obvious that Antonio Conte was the intended recipient when Mourinho moaned last week that some managers ‘cry and cry’ about fixtures.

“Why is Mourinho bothering to wind up Conte? He should be worried about Pep Guardiola and Manchester City, who are threatening to run away with the Premier League.

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