Mount - Chelsea players need to shoulder responsibility

Chelsea were beaten comprehensively by Arsenal.

The Blues were lacklustre and lost the match 3-1. Mason Mount has now called for the team to wake up and take responsibility for the defeat against the Gunners.

He said, “We are big players so we can get together and really bounce back after that performance.

“It is probably better we have that quick turnaround because now we look at another game. The Arsenal one is gone, there are still big things we need to work on but now we have that one day before our next game and we can put it in the back of our heads and really go into Villa with a strong mindset, starting the game very well and hopefully doing well in the game.

“It is something where we need to look at ourselves as players.

“We didn’t start the game anywhere near what we should be. We are representing Chelsea, we’re a big club and we really need to look at ourselves as players and say that was not good enough.

“We know that, it is a big London derby and we need to start the game way better than we did.

“We have to be harsh on ourselves. We can’t start a game like that and expect not to be 2-0 down at half-time. It is a tough lesson and we need to learn that and we need to do better the next time.”

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