Morrison moving on from Chelsea defeat and wants VAR in Premier League

Cardiff City captain Morrison wants team to move on from the Chelsea defeat and wants VAR as soon as possible.

“I do believe that teams in the top six, if they are playing against sides at the bottom, decisions go against us.

“Teams towards the bottom don’t get the decisions other teams might. I sympathise with linesman and referees, they have a tough job. Some decisions are harder to make than others, it happens so quickly.

“But the offside decision on Sunday was so clear and obvious, [Azpilicueta] is a yard-and-a-half offside. That’s a big one to miss because it changes the impact of the game. If Chelsea didn’t score the first goal I believe we’d have won 1-0.

“I have no hard feelings against any of the Chelsea boys. Azpilicueta is Chelsea captain, he wants his team to win, they are fighting for the top spots. He might not have known at the time that he was offside but that’s why the officials are there.

“They are there to spot that and it’s probably one of the easiest decisions you have to make. Sometimes you can live with the ones that are super close but something that obvious is hard to take.”

“I’m all for VAR, decisions like Sunday can change the complexion of the game,” he said. “If VAR was in practice, we would have won the game.

“As long as they can use it within 90 seconds and not use it for every decision I think it will be a lot of help not only for the game but for the referees themselves.”

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