Gonzalo Higuain is on the verge of a transfer to Chelsea and here is how some experts have reacted.

Italian football expert Tancredi Palmeri has said that Higuain could be a good signing for Chelsea but his mood change could make him a risky signing.

“Knowing how moody is Higuain, possibly is good move [because] Milan can’t fail 4th place this season and Piatek seems [at the moment] more useful,” Palmeri tweeted. “But still, Milan wasted one of the three most decisive player in Italy in [the] last 5 years. How that can not raise a question on how bad Milan have been?”

His concerns were voiced also by Sam Allardyce who thinks the pace of the league can get to Higuain.

“The scary thing for me is Higuain, while he’s had a very good career, he’s a big risk,” Allardyce said during an appearance on talkSPORT. “He’s 31 years old! Chelsea have done it before with Hernan Crespo, they brought him in for big, big money and it didn’t work – this could be the same again. He’s 31 years old coming into the Premier League and, with the pace of the league, he won’t know what’s hit him.”


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