David Seaman's take on Kepa incident

Former Arsenal player Paul Merson has slammed Kepa Arrizabalaga for his lack of respect for the manager of Chelsea.

He feels that Kepa’s attitude might lead to a break in mutiny in Chelsea, a club already well known for having players who are stronger than managers in the dressing room.

‘I think the manager has to stay strong and tell him he’s not playing – he’s got to,’ Merson told Sky Sports’ The Debate. ‘If you’re the manager then you’ve got to tell him you’ve shown me no respect otherwise the rest of the players will be thinking “wow, come on”.’

‘I laughed at him once and I didn’t play for two months,’ he said. ‘And, we played Huddersfield in the League Cup and I walked straight down the tunnel. I didn’t play for a month after that. I didn’t show enough respect and got punished so you don’t do it again, although I done it twice… so maybe don’t use me as an example! ‘You’ve got to give your manager the respect.’

Chelsea for their bit have fined Kepa and he might not be allowed to play today.

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