Maurizio Sarri Slams Premier League For Poor Scheduling

Maurizio Sarri has slammed the Premier League for their poor scheduling process in keeping with the clubs’ European fixtures.

Chelsea are due to face Slavia Prague on Thursday three days after their home against West Ham United.

When asked if he would take a pay cut for a more favourable schedule, Sarri said, “Yes of course, because the salary is not so important for me.

“It is important to have fun, for me. To work without working, because for me, it’s not work. I am not able to understand the decision of the Premier League because we have to go to Prague as an English team.

“So I’m not able to understand why we have to play on Monday. It’s very strange. I think they could have done more for the English teams in Europe.

“In Serie A teams play on Friday. Teams involved in the Europa League away from home, they can ask to play their next Serie A match on Monday. But this is the situation and we need only to adapt to this situation.”

The Italian manager was questioned further on whether an easier fixture run would be worth a reduction in funds available for transfers and he replied, “For the players, no, because the Premier League is the best championship in the world.

“So we need to have very strong players. The Premier League was able to sell in the best way possible (the television rights), so in England we are lucky.

“We can buy the best players in the world, we have the best championship in the world, and so we have to accept we have to play every three days.”

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