Maurizio Sarri Revealed He Never Attacked Players After Bournemouth Defeat

Maurizio Sarri stated that he did not attack his players after Chelsea’s 4-0 defeat against AFC Bournemouth on Wednesday.

The Italian manager held an isolated session with his squad members after the fixture to clear out any frustrations. Speaking on what happened behind closed doors, Sarri revealed,  “I didn’t attack the players. I talked to them because I needed to understand. Then I went home immediately because I wanted to review the match. There wasn’t another reason.”

“Probably yes, but I knew very well it is very difficult because here the level is very high. It is difficult because this team played another football and won with another style of football. It is very difficult.”

“The staff, first of all, the players first of all. I said I am probably not able to motivate them. After another match, I said probably it is difficult to motivate them. It is part of my job of course. I want to change the mentality, it is a long way.”

“I have to involve my players more in my football than we are doing at the moment. Now we have the mentality for doing the match. We have to improve our reactions and improve in the offensive phase. We have a lot of individual phases.”

“First of all I want to do very well the Plan A. I don’t want to change something that at the moment doesn’t work very well. First of all, I want to see my football played very well. Then we can go to change something.”

“They were really patient, we have to work to change the mentality and go on. For me the situation is very clear.”

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