Maurizio Sarri Calls On Jorginho To Step Up Against Manchester City

Maurizio Sarri insists Jorginho needs to step up in Chelsea’s crucial clash against title holders Manchester City.

City are scheduled to host the Blues which could very much influence the title race. A win for Pep Guardiola’s men will guide them back to the top of the Premier League table while Chelsea will leapfrog Manchester United to break into the top four.

Both Sarri and Guardiola love to showcase possession based football and Jorginho will be central to Chelsea’s gameplay on Sunday. The Italian midfielder has controlled the tempo from the deep lying role and is going to play a crucial role in this crucial fixture.

Sarri said, “It will be really very difficult to be in control of the match. The match is there (in midfield), more than in the strikers.”

“They are able to play if you stop Fernandinho and also we’re able to play if you stop Jorginho.

“We have options. Maybe they have more options than us because they have worked on this for three seasons.

“But I remember that in Naples it wasn’t a big problem if there was a man on Jorginho, so I hope it will be the same here in the future.

“I expect Guardiola’s team want to always be in control of the match, always in possession of the ball and they’re able to do it. So it’s a very difficult match.

“We are used to having the ball and possession so on Sunday it will be very different.

“We will try to play our football, but if they are able to play their football, of course, you have to stay lower (deeper).”


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