Mason Mount Not Letting Praise Go To His Head

Thomas Tuchel backs Mason Mount to remain grounded through his developing years.

The Chelsea midfielder has earned a lot of praise for his performances for both club and country.

“It’s a personal matter how to adapt to praise, how to adapt to positive feedback you have,” noted the German.

“Positive feedback affects you the same way as criticism: it also sticks with you. It can lead to distraction.

“For Mason, I have the feeling he is very down to earth and he can handle it a lot. It does not change him at all if he is doing good games or bad games or mediocre games, or if he’s praised or not praised.

“He is very focused, and he is absolutely not a moody guy” added Tuchel.

“I don’t feel him tired after international breaks, and he is very self-aware. He has a very healthy approach to being here in this moment, enjoying the moment and being aware what got him here, and what makes him strong as a player and a person.

“He is a low maintenance guy. He can produce quality training and games in a row without being totally centred. He is very mature, but at the same time has a sparkle in his eyes which is a very good mix.”

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