Luka Modric reveals how close he came to joining Chelsea

Chelsea tried to sign Luka Modric back in 2011 after a secret meeting between him and Blues owner Roman Abramovich.

The Blues almost came close to signing Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric from Tottenham before the move was blocked by Spuurs chairman Daniel Levy.

Modric who joined Tottenham from Dinamo Zagreb in 2008 made 159 appearances for the North London club across all competitions and marked himself as one of the gifted playmakers in the world.

“It was all very exciting,” he wrote in Luka Modric: My Autobiography, which is being serialised by The Guardian

“Twenty or so people, who seemed part of the security detail, met us at the boat. It was quick and well organised; just as we made ourselves comfortable on one of the luxury decks, Abramovich showed up.

“During our meeting on the Côte d’Azur, he left an impression of a relaxed, somewhat mysterious person. He wasn’t beating around the bush and said: ‘We know you are a quality player. I’d like you to sign for Chelsea.’

“My feeling was that it was time for a move – I wanted to fight for trophies and win titles, and I felt this wouldn’t happen if I stayed at Tottenham. I wanted to move to a more ambitious club.

“‘Do you think Tottenham will resist your transfer? Are they going to put up a fight?’ Abramovich asked.

“‘I think the negotiations are going to be tough’, I replied, because I knew the clubs were not on good terms.”

Speaking about his return from holiday, Modric said: “I arrived in London before pre-season training and went to talk to the chairman. There were no harsh words or insults as the media said, but the conversation was tense.

“He reprimanded me for publicly announcing I wanted to leave and repeated that Tottenham had no intention of selling at any price.”


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