Luis' story on Hazard that will have you in fits

Chelsea had this little magician in Eden Hazard.

He was always the best man on the pitch but how was he in training. Well Felipe Luis has a story we all will like to hear.

This one time, the Blues were asked to prepare for warm up and Hazard did something only Hazard could.

“Eden played Mario Kart in the dressing room, the fitness coach would say ’10 minutes and we’re going out to warm-up’ and he wouldn’t be dressed and would keep playing,” he recalled in an interview with YouTube channel 2AngryMen TV.

However, to the surprise of Luis even more, Hazard would be extremely non-chalant about the training but always confident about his success on the pitch.

“Don’t worry, you give me the ball and there won’t be a problem,” is what Filipe Luis recalls him saying.

However, Hazard’s habit is not an example setter, not for Luis at least who believes players must practice patience and concentration to be the best.

“For me, concentration is the most important, being on your phone on Facebook, Instagram, a lot takes that away from you, especially if you spend five hours a day on it,” he said.

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