Leno loses touch with reality over Arsenal and Chelsea claim

Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno has revealed that he believes Arsenal are a bigger club than Chelsea and Tottenham.

He said: “You can’t compare that, of course Arsenal is a world club, THE club here in London. Not Chelsea, not Tottenham – Arsenal is the club here with fans around the world. No matter where we are, also in the USA or in Asia, there are many fans of Arsenal everywhere.”

Arsenal did have a larger fan base back in the early 2000s but Chelsea’s silverware run in the last decade mean that now the Blues have a larger fan base than their North London rivals. In the league, both Chelsea and Tottenham have been doing better than the Gunners. In terms of silverware, Arsenal may have won three FA Cups but that is speck dust compared to Chelsea’a massive silverware victories in the last ten years.

It is possible Leno is a little confused, the young goalkeeper recently claimed he should be starting over Merc Andre Ter Stegen. Maybe the young goalie should be focusing on football rather than fictitious claims. Either way, he does find a good way to make Chelsea fans laugh.

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