Lampard wont give up despite poor run

Frank Lampard has insisted that despite the poor run of form, he will not give up.

Lampard said: “I enjoy pressure. If I didn’t enjoy it I would not have got back into this, or I would walk away at the first chance, and that’s never ever going to be something that I would do.

“The first person that puts pressure on me is me. I do that all the time, for good and for bad.

“I take it on. I don’t mind it. That’s how I am. Maybe my wife will tell you how I react to pressure better than I do. But I don’t kick the dog!”

The Chelsea manager added: “It doesn’t mean you are always happy. I’m not as happy right now as I was when we beat Leeds last month and we were on a 16 game unbeaten run. That’ s normal.

“But it makes me focus on the job. You learn a lot more in defeat or in tough moments. You have to review more, look at yourself more, look at every little tiny percentage, and I like doing that. That makes you better as a coach and as a person.

“It’s a different level of pressure from when you are a player, and that’s something I had to handle as soon as I stepped into management. Because you take the pressure on from more angles, and rightly so.”

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  1. I’m not a fan of Chelsea, but I love the Chelsea team more than any other team. The more I expect the Chelsea team, the more disappointed I am.

    I don’t know why Lampard always placed Mason Mount in the first team? For me, his contribution to the Chelsea team is nothing.

    Chelsea team needed a true central midfielder and a defensive midfielder.


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